Honzeige (本誓偈)

Honzeige is chanted for Amida Buddha alone, and this gemon is based on "Kanmuryojukyosho (Commentaries on Meditation Sutra).html">Kanmuryojukyosho" Gengibun.

弥陀本誓願 (Mida honzeigan)
極楽之要門 (Gokuraku.html">Gokuraku shi yomon)
定散等回向 (Josan to eko)
速証無生身 (Sokusho mushoshin)

Translation of gemon
The true purpose of Amida Buddha is to serve as the key for entry to the Pure Land. Direct all ascetic practices to the purpose of being reborn in the Pure Land, no matter if your heart is quiet or troubled. Receive a permanent life soon.