Achiki (阿直岐)

"Achiki" is an envoy, scholar, and a naturalized citizen dispatched from Baekje to Japan, who is described in "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) and "Kojiki" (Records of Ancient Matters). He is the enshrined deity of Ajiki-jinja Shrine, and some say the descendants enshrined the founder. He is also believed to be the same person as Achi-no-omi, from the same era.

In "Kojiki," he offered a stallion and a mare, tachi (sword), and Okagami (The Great Mirror) to Emperor Ojin (Hondawake-no-mikoto) as mitsugimono (tribute) from Seuko-o (Geunchogo-wang), and introduced Sinology. In "Nihonshoki," he offered two good horses, informed the existence of Wa Ni (Wang In), and was assigned as the teacher of Iratsuko UJINOWAKI by Emperor Ojin in 284 (September 2, 284).