Amatsuhikone (アマツヒコネ)

Amatsuhikone is a god (Shinto) appearing in Japanese Mythology. It is written 天津日子根命 in Kojiki (The Records of Ancient Matters) and 天津彦根命 in Nihonshoki (Chronicles of Japan).

It is one of the five male gods born from the Iotsu Misumaru no tama necklace of the Yasaka no magatama Bead of Amaterasu Omikami (the Sun Goddess), when Amaterasu and Susano took their oath. In Kojiki and the main body of Nihonshoki, etc., was the third to be born, and since it was born from a fundamental element of Amaterasu Omikami, it was considered to be a mikogami (the child god in a shrine where parent child gods are enshrined) of Amaterasu Omikami. It does not appear in mythologies after this.

Amatsuhikone is considered the soshin (ancestor honored as god) of many clans. According to Kojiki, it is the soshin of Kawachi no kuninomiyatsuko, Nukatabe no yue no muraji, Ibaraki no kuninomiyatsuko, Nakanao OWADA, Yamashiro no kuninomiyatsuko, Umakuta no kuninomiyatsuko, Michinoshirinokihe no kuninomiyatsuko, Suwa no kuninomiyatsuko, Yamato no Amuchi no miyatsuko, Takechi agatanonushi, Gamo inagi, Sakikusabe no miyatsuko, etc. These are clans that pledged their loyalty to the Imperial Family from long ago, and it is believed that the gods and soshin that those clans worshipped were syncretized, creating a divinity called Amatsuhikone (or, those gods were syncretized with Amatsuhikone).

In the explanation of the origin of the geographic name of Yashiro go, Ou gun (present Yasugi City, Shimane Prefecture) in the Izumo no kuni fudoki (the topography of Izumo Province), a god called Amatsuko no mikoto who descended accompanying Amenohohi, wanted to build a yashiro (shrine building) in this location, leading to the name, Yashiro, but some say Amatsuko became Amatsuhiko, then Amatsuhikone. The 'ne' in the shinmei (name of god) is a honorific title, and 'hiko' is believed to stand for 'Hi no kami no ko' (the child of the god of the sun), but there are various theories. It is worshipped as the sun god, the sea god, the wind god, etc. (this is believed to be due to syncretization of many gods) and is enshrined at Tado-taisha Shrine (Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture) and so on.