Jinja-cho (Shrine Agency) (神社庁)

Jinja-cho is a local administrative organ of Jinja-honcho (the Association of Shinto Shrines). Shrine agency is established in each Prefectures one by one.
Jinja-cho in each prefecture is named like 'Jinja-cho of XX Prefecture.'
The name of them include the words such as 'prefecture' or '-cho' (means 'agency'), but they are no national or prefectural institutions.

Jinja-cho not only engages in activities such as official works like personnel and financial affairs of shrines in each prefecture, providing guidance for shrines and Shinto priests, promotion of religious services and regional activities, but also works as collaborator for promotion of shrine's activities. The offices of Jinja-cho are usually established in precincts or adjacent land of relatively big shrine in each prefecture.

Branch office is set up as subordinate agency. After prefectures were divided into several districts, subordinate agencies are set up in each of them.

In case that many Jinja-cho become religious institution, they are inclusive corporations of Jinja-honcho. In that case, shrines of prefectures are inclusive corporation of 'Jinja-honcho' directly, not of Jinja-cho.