Oi-jinja Shrine (Kameoka City) (大井神社 (亀岡市))

Oi-jinja Shrine is a shrine in Oi-cho, Kameoka City, Kyoto Prefecture. It is a shikinai-sha (shrine listed in the Engishiki (List of Official Shrines)), and its old shrine ranking is designated as a village shrine.

It enshrines Kinomata no kami, Ichikishima-hime, and Tsukuyomi. It is worshipped as the god guarding the Oi-gawa River.

It was built In 710 under the imperial command of Empress Genmei. Legend says that in 702, Mii no kami and Ichikishima Hime no Mikoto went up the Oi-gawa River on the back of a turtle, but could not ride the rapids of Hozu, so they moved onto a carp and came ashore to current Shorinjima, Kawarabashi-cho, Kameoka City (There is an Oi-jinja Shrine with the same name, enshrining the same god). Thus, carp is considered the messenger of the god in this shrine, and the shrine parishioners consider eating carp a taboo and do not fly carp streamers for Boy's Day celebration.

The current main building of the shrine was rebuilt in 1584, ordered by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI, after it had burnt down in a fire caused by war.

At the annual festival on October 16, kurabeuma (horse racing) is presented at the horse-riding grounds nearby and the shrine parishioners dress as samurai.