Omodaru and Ayakashikone (オモダル・アヤカシコネ)

Omodaru and Ayakashikone are kami (god) in Japanese Methodology (shinto).

Omodaru and Ayashikakone are the 6th generations among the Kaminoyonanayo (seven generations of the gods' world, The Primordial Seven); Omodaru is a god and Ayakashikone is a goddess.
Omodaru means 'the surface (omo) of the earth has been completed (taru).'
Ayashikashikone praised it by saying 'ayanikashikoshi' (meaning "surprisingly wonderful") according to the Kojikiden (Commentaries on the Kojiki).

Being the 6th generation of the Kaminoyonanayo, in the medieval period, Omodaru Ayakashikone came to be regarded as the suijaku (literally, trace manifestation) of evil spirit which was the highest rank in the heavens in Buddhism, from the perspective of syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism. Omodaru and Ayakashikone were worshiped especially in Shugendo (Japanese mountain asceticism-shamanism incorporating Shinto and Buddhist concepts). Due to the policy of separation of Buddhism and Shintoism established by the Meiji Government, many temples which used to have enshrined the Daikokuten Mao (Big Number Six Heavenly Deity) were turned into shrines.
Such shrines (former temples) renamed themselves to 'Dairokuten-jinja Shrine' and 'Omodaru-jinja Shrine.'