Shaku Nihongi (annotated text of the Nihon Shoki) (釈日本紀)

"Shaku Nihongi" is an annoted text of "Nihon Shoki" (Chronicles of Japan) which is assumed to have been compiled at the end of Kamakura period, probably between 1274 and 1301. Its editorial supervisor was Kanekata URABE. 28 volumes in total.

Shaku Nihongi provides annotations to Nihon Shoki, citing many historical records including "Joguki" (Record of the Crown Prince), "Nihongi Shiki" (Private Notes on the Chronicles of Japan), "Fudoki" (description of regional climate, culture, etc.), "Kogo-shui" (History of the Inbe clan), "Tensho" (a chronological history of Japan), "Ato no Chotoko Nikki" (diary of ATO no Chitoko), "Tsukino Ohmi Nikki" (diary of TSUKI no Omi), and "Sendai Kuji Hongi" (Ancient Japanese History). "Shaku Nihongi" are divided into seven sections: (1) bibliographical introduction, (2) a list of kanji and their readings, (3) explanatory notes on parts hard to understand due to missing sentences or ambiguities in the original text, (4) Teio Keizu (the Genealogy of the Imperial Family), (5) interpretation learning, (6) a collection of old words and readings, and (7) Japanese poetry (waka). Besides providing strict interpretations of the original text of Nihon Shoki, it also includes many citations from other historical documents which have been lost. Because of this, Shaku Nihongi has been considered a highly valuable historical document which supplements the parts lacking in "Kojiki" and "Nihon Shoki."