Yadaijin (矢大臣)

Yadaijin is one of the two deity statures in Zuijin (Imperial guards during the Heian period) costumes that are placed at the both sides of Zuijin-mon gate, holding bows and arrows on the observer's left.

Kadomori, a guardian deity at the shrine gate.

He is dressed in Kettekino-ho (open sleeve seams outer robe), putting on Kenei no kanmuri (headdress) with Oikake (accessories for the headdress), wearing a sword, holding bows and arrows.

He is called Yadaijin (Minister with arrows) after his arrows, and Zuijin-mon gate is sometimes called Yadaijin-mon gate.

However, he is not a Daijin (minister) but a Zuijin (attendant) called Kadono-osa (public officer).

Also he is referred as Amanoiwatowake no Kami (one of the deities from Japanese mythology). Or it is said that the image of Yadaijin comes from Amenooshihi no Mikoto and Amatsukume no Mikoto in the lead, removing Amenoiwahagi (big rocks), holding Kabutsuchi-no-tachi (the ancient sword), 天波十弓 (bows), and 天真児矢 (arrows) at the time of Tensonkorin (the descent to earth of the grandson of the sun goddess).