Yamatonookuni tamanokami (倭大国魂神)

"Yamatonookuni tamanokami" is a god (shinto) appearing in Japanese Mythology. It is also written 日本大国魂神. It is the enshrined deity of Oyamato-jinja Shrine (Tenri City, Nara Prefecture).

It appears in the article of B.C. 92 in "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan). The two gods, Amaterasu Omikami (the Sun Goddess) and Yamatonookuni tamanokami were enshrined in the Imperial Court, but the Emperor feared the divine power of the two gods, and decided to enshrine them outside the Imperial Court. Amaterasu Omikami was entrusted to Toyosuki iribime no mikoto, and enshrined in Kasanui no Mura of Yamato Province. Yamatonookuni tamanokami was entrusted to Nunakiirihime-no-mikoto for enshrinement, but the hair fell and the body became thin, and could not be enshrined. It is described that later, Omononushi was enshrined.
On September 8, B.C. 92, Omononushi-no-mikoto appeared in the dream of a subject and said 'if Otataneko-no-mikoto is assigned as the chief priest enshrining Omononushi-no-mikoto, and Ichishi no nagaochi as the chief priest enshrining Yamatonookuni tamanokami, the world will be at peace.'
On December 11, B.C. 92, Taneko OTA became the chief priest enshrining Omononushi-no-mikoto, and Nagaochi became the chief priest enshrining Okunitamano-kami.

The origin of this god is not described. Since 'Okunitama-no-okami' is among the other names for Okuninushi, some say Yamatonookuni tamanokami is the same god as Okuninushi-no-kami. In "Oyamato-jinja Chushinjo," it is described as the Aramitama (God's rough soul) of Onamuchi no kami (Okuninushi-no-kami). However, the "Kojikiden" (Commentaries on the Kojiki) by Norinaga MOTOORI denies the theory equating this god with Okuninushi-no-kami. One theory has it that it is the jinushigami (god of an area of land) of Yamato Province, due to its shinmei (name of god).