Yomotsu-shikome (黄泉醜女)

Yomotsu-shikome is a female demon of Yomi (the world after death) in Japanese Mythology. It is also written with the kanji characters '予母都志許売'.

Izanami (The Female Who Invites) made Yomotsu-shikome chase Izanagi (The Male Who Invites) in desire to catch him because he had run away from her, breaking his promise. When Izanagi threw a hair ornamentation made of a vine, it bore bunches of wild grapes. Yomotsu-shikome stopped chasing him as she sank her teeth into them but she started chasing again after she finished eating. Then, Izanagi took his comb from his right tsunogami (a style of hairdo in ancient Japan, in which the hair was twisted into knots on top of the head and held in place with pins), snapped off a tooth of the comb and threw it at her. Then bamboo shoots sprouted from it and Yomotsu-shikome again ate them. Meanwhile, Izanagi got clear away from Yomotsu-shikome.