Yomotsuikusa (recurring demon) (黄泉軍)

"Yomotsuikusa" were demons in Japanese Mythology, which were said to live in the land of the dead.
It is also written with the kanji characters '黄泉戦.'

When Izanagi (The Male Who Invites) fled at the appearance of Izanami (The Female Who Invites), who had become an inhabitant of the land of the dead, Izanami grew angry and set the 1500 Yomotsuikusa demons after him. Izanagi, arriving at the starting point of Yomotsu Hirasaka (the slope that leads to the land of the dead), situated at the border between the land of dead and the land of the living, picked three peaches from the peach tree growing there. Then, he threw the peaches at the Yomotsuikusa and dispersed them, according to the myth.