Umewaka Rokuro (梅若六郎)

Rokuro UMEWAKA is a name used by the headman of the Umewaka family, which is one of the shite-kata (actors who play leading characters in Noh performances) Kanze school groups.

The current Rokuro UMEWAKA is the 56th generation. He succeeded to this name in 1988.

Rokuro UMEWAKA the 52nd (1828 - 1909): Minoru UMEWAKA the first
Rokuro UMEWAKA the 54th (1878 - 1959): Minoru UMEWAKA the second
Rokuro UMEWAKA the 55th (1907 - 1979)
Rokuro UMEWAKA the 56th (1948 - present) (Gensho UMEWAKA the second)