Unagimeshi (Broiled Eel Rice) (鰻飯)

Unagimeshi is a term used to refer to a Japanese cuisine that comes with broiled eel on top of rice. It is roughly divided into unadon and unaju depending on the container used when it is served. It is common to pour sauce on the eel and sprinkle Japanese pepper powder spice on the eel before eating.

Unagimeshi originally used to be a short term for 'unagi donburi meshi' which the same as unadon. There is a record of this in "Morisada Manko," said to be basic literature on the modern history of people's lives. However, it must be taken into account that there were no such broiled eel rice in lacquered boxes when this reference book was compiled.

In some areas, or some individual shops, unaju does not mean 'what is filled in a lacquered box,' but rather 'what comes with two layers of eel, that is, the rice underneath, as well.'
See 'unadon' and 'unaju' for further information.

Unagimeshi is also called 'manmeshi.'
It is said that the term has become the origin of the word 'mamushi' or 'mabushi,' the Kinki dialect that means eel (there is a different opinion).