Ushiwakamaru (childrens song) (牛若丸 (童謡))

Ushiwakamaru is a children's song. The song is based on the legendary duel between MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune (Ushiwakamaru) and Musashibo Benkei on Gojo-ohashi Bridge in Kyoto.


Both the songwriter and composer are unknown. The first appearance were in "Primary School Songs (1)" in May, 1911.


Verse 1
On Gojo-ohashi Bridge in Kyoto, a huge grown man Benkei brandishes a long halberd and aims to slash Ushiwaka.

Verse 2
Ushiwakamaru jumps aside, throws the fan, jumps up to the railing, and says "come on" with hands clapping.

Verse 3
To the front, to the back, right and left, from here and there, he moves like a swallow and finally, "the devil Benkei" gives up.