Warigo (破籠)

Warigo is a kind of portable tableware which is made of thinly stripped plain wood boards such as hinoki (Japanese cypress). In Japan it has been used since the Heian period. Warigo (破籠) also can be written as 破子.

This tableware is like an Oribako (a small box for food, made of thin sheets of wood or cardboard), and has partitions in it and a lid. Various types of lids are available such as solid wood, covering lids, round shape lids and square lids. It is a one-way container, and used as a lunch box or to take along food.


It appears in "The Tale of Genji" as a hiwarigo lunch box (a partitioned wooden lunch box) and also in "Wamyo Ruijusho" (a dictionary of Japanese names).

It still survives as a warigo lunch box in Noson kabuki (farmers' kabuki) in Shodo-shima Island.