Western Dishes (西洋料理)

Western dishes are the dishes peculiar to the Western countries. The category is in contrast with Oriental dishes such as Japanese dishes and Chinese dishes.


For elderly people, the term Western dishes conjures up an image of French full-course dinner, because French cuisine was introduced to Japan between the Meiji period and the Showa period.

In many cases, the term Western dishes is collectively used to refer to the cooking style brought from the European countries. However, it sometimes includes American dishes.

Dishes of those countries located on the borders of Asia and Europe such as Greek dishes and Caucasian dishes are hard to distinguish from Oriental dishes of the neighboring areas - Turkish dishes, for example.

Curry and rice introduced from India via the UK is supposed to be a typical Western dish, but it is difficult to define so. Hamburgers which are light foods are not included in the Western dishes.

The Western dishes recognized in Japan

French dishes

Italian dishes

Spanish dishes

German dishes

Russian dishes

British dishes

Irish dishes

Swiss dishes

Portuguese dishes

Greek dishes