Yosenabe (a pot of chowder) (寄せ鍋)

Yosenabe is a one-pot dish. Various ingredients such as vegetables and seafood are cooked together in a pot of broth. There are wide varieties of Yosenabe, whose dashi broth and ingredients vary in each region.

Local specialities are added to characterize Yosenabe. The stock is prepared from dried bonito, tangle, mushrooms, or shellfish.

It is usually seasoned with salt, soy sauce, sake, or miso (reddish-brown miso or white miso).

Varieties of ingredients, or almost anything else, are cooked in Yosenabe: vegetables such as Chinese cabbage and Welsh onion; processed-soybean products (atsuage [thick fried tofu], yakidofu (grilled tofu), abura-age [deep-fried tofu]); fish-paste products (hanpen [a cake of ground fish combined with starch and steamed], chikuwa [fish sausage]); seafood such as prawn, fish, or shellfish; meat (beef, chicken, or pork); and mushrooms.

To finish it with noddles (Japanese wheat noodles and Chinese noodles) or rice is a standard procedure for some Yosenabe.