Yoshingo-ryu school (容眞御流)

The Yoshingo-ryu school is a school of flower arrangement established by Seiryusai SAKURAI ichinyokoji (Ichinyo).

When ichinyo dedicated flowers to Omuro-gosho, Ninna-ji Temple, he was appointed to Omuro-gosho kamu shoku (the person in charge of flower arrangement) and received an order that "as the feature is real, you shall be called Yoshin" (literally, real feature.)

Today, there are 2 branch schools: one is the school succeeded by a descendant of Ichinyo, and another is a school where Iemoto (the head family of a school) is Yatadera daimonbo.

The school succeeded by the descendant of Ichinyo is called the "Yoshin-ryu" school.