Yoshuku Geino (予祝芸能)

In seeing the traditional perfuming arts from a religious point of view, Yoshuku Geino refers to various performing arts for celebrating the New Year such as Manzai (a traditional celebratory chant-like song) or Harukoma (a dance in which a performer carries a wooden horse's head), and Ta asobi or Onda, a performance mimicking the processes of rice production to pray for a good harvest before farm work starts. Celebrating beforehand is the way to pray for the realization of wishes; this is based on the belief and the concept of Kotodama (soul or power of language). The same goes for Shishimai (a ritual dance by a performer wearing a lion's mask) and 'Yashikibome' (a celebratory chant-like song for residence) performed with a Furyu dance (a folk dance). In contrast to Yoshuku Geino, the traditional performing arts that emphasize warding off disasters are sometimes called Josai Geino (public entertainment for removal of disasters).