Yuan Yaki (a kind of grilled fish or meat) (幽庵焼き)

Yuan yaki is a kind of yakimono (grilled fish or meat) of Japanese cuisine. Yuan yaki (幽庵焼き in kanji) is also written as 柚庵焼き or 祐庵焼き.

It is said that Yuan yaki was invented by a chajin (master of the tea ceremony) from the Edo period, Yuan KITAMURA (Yuan KATADA), who is also known as a gourmet.

Fillet of fish such as tilefish, butterfish, yellowtail, Japanese Spanish mackerel, or Japanese barracuda as well as chicken are marinated for several days in a sauce called 'yuanji,' which is made of equal amount of soy sauce, sake, and mirin (a type of sweet sake used in cooking) with round slices of citron, then grilled after draining excess liquid.

If it is steamed after draining excess liquid, it is called Yuan mushi.

Yuan yaki is a grilled dish with a refreshing smell of citron. It is served while hot or after cooled to room temperature.