Yuzu kosho (a spicy, hot Japanese condiment made from yuzu rind, chili and salt) (柚子胡椒)

"Yuzu kosho" (also called Yuzu gosho) is a type of condiment that is made by seasoning a paste of chili and yuzu peel with salt and then matured. It is regarded as a specialty of Oita Prefecture and is known as a common seasoning in the northern part of Kyushu.


Yuzu kosho is said to originate from Amagasemachi, Hita Gun, Oita Prefecture (the present-day Hita City).

The name includes the word 'kosho.'
Although the word 'kosho' normally refers to black pepper, it doesn't mean 'black pepper' but in this case means 'chili pepper.'
In various regions of Kyushu, 'chili pepper' is referred to as 'kosho.'
People call black pepper 'yo kosho' (Western pepper) in those regions to avoid confusion.

Yuzu kosho is normally made from green chilies, but red peppers are also used in some cases. Yuzu kosho made from green chilies is green, while that made from red peppers looks orange.

In Kyushu it's used as a condiment for a one-pot dish cooked at the table as well as miso soup, sashimi (fresh slices of raw fish), etc. Since it has became well-known throughout Japan in recent years, it has been used in various ways.


In Kyushu it's made by families, but also many commercial products have sold well. Products such as one offered by a famous ryokan (a Japanese-style hotel) in Yufuin Onsen (Yufuin Spa) are also popular as souvenirs.

The best-known product is offered by Fundokin Shoyu Co., Ltd., which produces soy sauce, soybean paste, etc., mainly for the market in Kyushu. Given yuzu kosho's growth in popularity, it has recently become available in supermarkets and other shops in the Kanto region.

In recent years, nationwide well-known producers such as House Foods Corp., S&B Foods, Inc. and McCormick & Company, Inc. (a joint venture with Lion Corporation) have entered the market. A version in a tube is also available.


Peel a green yuzu thinly, and mince it. Set aside the fruit for later use.

Mince green chilies after removing the seeds.

Grind the minced peel and chilies in a mortar. Be careful not to grind them completely.

Season the paste with salt. To the paste, add a suitable amount of juice squeezed from the fruit.

Place the paste in a sterilized bottle or an airtight container to preserve it in the refrigerator.

Red peppers can also be used instead of green chilies. Usually a green yuzu peel is used with green chilies, while a yellow yuzu peel is applied to red peppers.

The freshness period of yuzu kosho made from the above-mentioned recipe depends on the amount of salt used. It is generally recommended to make a small amount of yuzu kosho each time, and that it be consumed within approximately a week.