Zashikibina (the hina doll landscape) (座敷雛)

Zashikibina is a form of the Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival) celebration inherited specifically in Ma-ana district, Yawatahama City, Ehime Prefecture.

It is held annually from April 2 to 3, the date almost equivalent to March 3 in the old calendar, to celebrate the first annual festival of an eldest daughter.

Unlike ordinary Hinamatsuri that simply places hina dolls on the hina tiers, rooms and gardens of houses are arranged to reproduce countryside sceneries. Typically, a space of around two six-tatami-mat rooms is used, although it varies depending on the structure of each house. Popular scenes are refined ones that match the hina dolls, such as spring scenes of old capitals and their suburbs. Various techniques are used to reproduce the scenes, including green-colored sawdust formed in the shape of mountains, or a layered canopy representing the sky. The scenes are created on request by artisans who live in the district.

Despite the long preparation for the large-scale decorations, they are put away on the fourth because 'placing hina dolls over a prolonged period may lead to a late marriage.'