Zenfusho (禅釜尚)

Zenfusho is a type of Tsukumo-gami (gods to a variety of things) and a specter of chagama (iron tea ceremony pot) that is introduced in "Hyakki Tsurezure Bukuro" (One hundred bags in idleness) by Sekien TORIYAMA.


It is a specter with disguise close to a human being that has a pot on its head. Out of the many specters of utensils, it is considered especially sacred, for the pot was used such as for 'Kibitsuno Okamauranai', which is a fortune telling that distinguished lucky omen.

According to Shigeru MIZUKI, a specter cartoonist, Zenfusho hides in a thicket and suddenly appears in front of a person passing nearby; it will do nothing if one retraces, but it if one proceeds, it will scratch with its sharp nails.

In the illustrations, Yarikecho and Koinryo is depicted together with Zenfusho, but their relations with Zenfusho is unknown.

Also, like Kotofurunushi, the design of Yarikecho and Koinryo are considered to have motifs from the specters introduced in "Hyakki yagyo emaki" (picture scroll of Hyakki yagyo) of Muromachi Period, but only Zenfusho is Sekien's originality.