Sawa family (澤家)

The Sawa family was a toshoke (within the hereditary lineage of court nobles allowed to enter the tenjonoma in the palace) down line of the Kiyohara clan. The founder of the family was Tadakazu SAWA (Junii - Junior Second Rank, Emonfu - Headquarters of the Outer Palace Guards) (1673-1754) the second son of Nobuyuki FUSEHARA (Shonii (Senior Second Rank), Okurasho [Ministry of Finance]) (1637-1705).

In the last days of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Tamekazu SAWA and his son, Nobuyoshi SAWA actively worked as vanguards of the sonnojoi ha (supporters of the doctrine of restoring the emperor and expelling the barbarians).

Karoku (hereditary stipend) in the Edo Period was 30 koku (approx. 5.4 cubic meters).
Since the Meiji Period, they were given the title count in appreciation for the achievements of Tamekazu and his son, Nobuyoshi