The Kideranomiya Family (木寺宮)

The Kideranomiya family was one of Imperial Houses that existed from the Kamakura period through to the middle of the Muromachi period. The Kideranomiya family followed the Tokiwainomiya family to establish the system of the hereditary household of the prince. The original forefather is the Emperor Gonijo's prince, Imperial Prince Kuninaga, and the first generation is his son and heir Imperial Prince Yasuhito. The name of the title of the imperial household comes from the fact that the house, over generations after Prince Kuninaga, was located in Kuzono County Kidera Temple (near Ninna-ji Temple) in Rakusei. After the Kideranomiya family declined economically, it is also said that they moved into Totomi Province.

Emperor Gouda decided that his grandson Imperial Prince Kuninaga should be the heir of Daikakuji-To Line and transferred the fiefs to him, and ordered that the fiefs of Emperor Godaigo should also be transferred to Imperial Prince Kuninaga in the future and that even if Imperial Prince Takaharu took the throne it would be limited to one generation, and his descendant should be subordinated by the line of Prince Kuninaga, as Imperial Prince. In 1318 when the throne was transferred to Imperial Prince Takaharu (Emperor Godaigo), Imperial Prince Kuninaga was raised as crown prince, but he died without taking the position because the negotiation with the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun) was stalemated.

Then Imperial Prince Kuninaga's son, Imperial Prince Yasuhito, was raised as crown prince of Emperor Kogon (Jimyoin-To Line), but in 1333 the Kamakura bakufu was ruined, and when Emperor Godaigo returned to Kyoto from Okinoshima island, accession to the throne of Emperor Kogon was cancelled, which also entailed cancellation of Imperial Prince Yasuhito becoming the crown prince. Moreover, in spite of the fact that Emperor Godaigo was of the branch line, he tried to occupy the Imperial line using his descendants, and shut the every door of the path to the throne by Imperial Prince Yasuhito. This is the reason why the Kideranomiya family, that should be the blood line of the Daikakuji-To Line came to take the position of the Jimyoin-To (Northern Court - Japan) side. According to "Yasutomi-Ki" (Diaries of Yasutomi NAKAHARA), the Kidera no Miya after Imperial Prince Yasuhito continued through three generations, Prince Kunitsune, 世平王, and Imperial Prince Kidera no Miya Kuniyasu, and existed untill the middle the Muromachi period (since Prince Kunitsune and 世平王 died young, there is no record showing that they were declared as Imperial Prince). Imperial Prince Kuniyasu had sons including Imperial Prince 師煕 (priestly Imperial Prince Jokaku), but as long as excellent historical documents have been referred to, there has been no descendant, thereafter, confirmed.

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Emperor Gonijo, Imperial Prince Kuninaga, Imperial Prince Yasuhito, Prince Kunitsune, 世平王, Imperial Prince Kideranomiya Kuniyasu, 師煕親王

Going away from metropolis to Totomi Province and descendants
As for the above-mentioned Imperial Prince Yasuhito, there is a tradition that he move from the metropolis to Irino, Totomi Province (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture), which was a private estate of the Southern Court (Japan), and settled there, and in a temple there there is the site of the prince's residence, his grave, and a true portrait. Since it is known from "Entairyaku" (Diary of Kinkata TOIN) that the prince died near Kyoto, there remain some doubts about the tradition itself, but at least there seemed to exist the fact that the descendant of the Kideranomiya family moved into Irino. Considering when, it can be said that it occurred after Imperial Prince Kuniyasu, which should not exist in the record of the central government. However, historical documents that specifically support that fact, have yet to be found. According to "Ryoun-ji Temple documents," during the period of Eiroku to Tensho, 'Omiyasama' lived in the temple, but because he was envolved in the position of military service of the Takeda clan side, he was attacked by Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, and the temple was burnt down, which forced him to escape to Shinshu (1580). There is a temple tradition that the 'Omiyasama' was Akatsu-nakatsukasa sho, the eighth generation of the Kideranomiya family (Imperial Prince Yasuhito). There is high possibility that that person was the descendant of the imperial family, but the details are not known. Incidentally, it is considered that 'Kideranomiya', that was transmitted to be the origins of the mother of Motoie OSAWA and the wife of Yoriuji CHIKU in "Kanseifu"(genealogies of vassals in Edo Bakufu), is this family.

As for an example of the Imperial Houses that moved into the local region, there is Gotsuji no Miya.