The Okazaki Family (岡崎家)

The Okazaki family were Toshoke and a collateral branch of the Nakanomikado family of the Takato line (Kajuji line) of the Northern House of the FUJIWARA clan, with the court noble family rank of Meike.

The Okazaki family started when Nobumochi, the second son of Dainagon (chief councilor of state), Naonaga NAKAMIKADO, called himself 'Okazaki.'

After the first generation, Nobumochi OKAZAKI was the official architect for the Imperial Building Bureau (Hisangi, Jusanmi - Junior Third Rank), his hereditary stipend during the Edo period was thirty koku, but since the Meiji period, the family ranked as Kazoku (nobility) and was conferred the title of viscount.

The family crest was 'Bamboo and Sparrow,' the family temple was the Hosho-ji Temple; and the family residence was located in Nishigawa Minamisumi, Nashikicho.