The Shigenoi family (滋野井家)

Shigenoi family were kuge (court nobles) with kakaku (family status) of urinke (the fourth highest family status for court nobles).
The Kanin family Sanjo line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan (FUJIWARA no Kinsue line)
Their Family business was kagura (sacred music and dancing performed at shrines). Karoku (hereditary stipend) during the Edo Period was 180 koku (approx. 33.1cubic meters).

The family line began with Sanekuni SHIGENOI, who was the second son of FUJIWARA no Kinnori (Kinnori SANJO), during the last days of the Heian Period.

During the Edo Period, three leading figures of Yusoku kojitsu (court and samurai rules of ceremony and etiquette) in successive generations, Kinzumi SHIGENOI, Sanemasa SHIGENOI and Kinkazu SHIGENOI, were produced.

After the Meiji Restoration, the peerage of count was conferred on the family during the generation of Kinhisa SHIGENOI. Kinhisa worked as the Governor of Kofu Prefecture, but returned the peerage in January 1913.