Shukeiryo (主計寮)

Shukeiryo is an organization which belonged to Minbusho (civil and administrative ministry) under the Ritsuryo system (a system of centralized government based on the ritsuryo code). The name has other pronunciations in Japanese like Kazue no Tsukasa.


The job of Shukeiryo was to figure out and audit the tax revenues (especially those from So-Yo-Cho tax system). In concrete terms, it was to calculate the volume of tax revenues and audit whether or not it reached the defined volume. Therefore the skill of mathematics (Sando) was required, by which it continued as a principal job after the collapse of the Ritsuryo system. One of the staff called Sakan of Shukeiryo became a ministry official called Koto of Minbusho and concentrated on the clerical work. The name, Shukeiryo has remained as Shukeikyoku (Budget Bureau) and Shukeikan (a budget officer) of Ministry of Finance (Japan) now.


Kami (Jugoinojo [Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade])
Kami (Shorokuinoge [Senior Sixth Rank, Lower Grade])
Taijo (Jurokui [Junior Sixth Rank] and Shoshichii [Senior Seventh Rank]), Shojo (Jurokui and Jushichii [Junior Seventh Rank])
Daisakan (Jurokui and Juhachii [Junior Eighth Rank]), Shosakan (Jurokui and Juhachii)
Sanshi (Jurokui and Juhachii):
Specialized in accounting
Kanjin Zonin (lower-ranking government official)
Ryosho (administrative official), newly established
Shibe (low rank bureaucrats)
Kanjin Shicho (a manservant doing odd jobs)