Shutosho (vaccination institute) (種痘所)

Shutosho (vaccination institute) is the name of the medical institute established for the purpose of prevention and treatment of smallpox in Japan. The "Otamagaike Shutosho" (today's University of Tokyo, Faculty of Medicine), opened in 1858 and is one of Japan's most famous institutes.


The first Shutosho was opened in Nagasaki on July 20, 1849 by Otto Gottlieb Johann Mohnike. After that, the vaccine was sent from Naomasa NABESHIMA, the lord of the Saga Domain, to Saga Domain doctors in Edo (Tokyo) and Teisai HINO in Kyoto. This vaccine was propagated, which enabled Shutosho to be opened in many places in Kanto, Tohoku and Kansai areas.