Sogishi (喪儀司)

Sogishi (Mourning and Burial Office) is a bureau within Jibusho (Ministry of Civil Administration) under the ritsuryo system (a system of centralized government based on the ritsuryo code).


Sogishi was responsible for management of general funerals and funeral equipments. Imperial tombs and funeral music were under the jurisdiction of Shoryoshi (Mausolea Office) (Shoryoryo [Bureau of Mausolea]) and Kosuishi (Drums and Fifes Office) respectively, and there was significant crossover between work of Sogishi and that of them, so sogishi was absorbed into Kosuishi in 808. After absorption, Shoryoryo came to manage funerals and Sogishi was responsible only for management of the equipments.


Kami (director) - Shorokuinoge (Senior Sixth Rank, Lower Grade)
Jo (secretary) - Shohachiinojo (Senior Eighth Rank, Upper Grade)
Reishi - Daihatsuinoge (Greater Initial Rank, Lower Grade)

Tsukaibe (low rank bureaucrats)
Jikicho (factotum)