Suji (administrative district) (筋 (行政区画))

Suji is an administrative district that was created in the Edo Period, according to geographical conditions.

The kanjosho of the Edo shogunate divided the country into Kanto-suji, Tokaido-suji, Hokkoku-suji, Kinai-suji, Chugoku-suji and Saikoku-suji. Also in some feudal domains, suji was used as district name, some sujis were crossing over two districts. There were also instances of village names prefixed with district and suji name, those cases mostly reflected different geographical or administrative systems. In Mino province, Suji-related names were seen in each district, Hikone domain of Omi had three Sujis consisting of Minami, Naka and Kita per which each Suji-bugyo (shogunate administrator) administered traffic, Ekiden (transportation system), supplies for living and collection of tax, with daikan (local governors) who was subordinated to bugyo to share works.