Taishimichi (the road where Prince Shotoku took) (太子道)

Taishimichi refer to Japan's ancient roads that are taken by Prince Shotoku and which have common name.

Main Taishimichi includes followings:

'The Sujikaimichi Road' which connected Asuka region with Horyu-ji Temple. In the narrow sense it means this road.
(Refer to the article of Horyu-ji Temple kaido Road)

The road which was used as pilgrimage routes to Koryu-ji Temple in Uzumasa.
(Refer to the article of old Nijo-dori street)

The Tajihi-michi road' which connected Shitenno-ji Temple in Naniwa and Asuka region through Kawachiasuka (Refer to the article of Takenouchi Kaido Road). The Shibukawa Road' and 'the Tatsuta-michi Road' which connected Shitenno-ji Temple in Naniwa and Horyu-ji Temple (Refer to the article of Tatsutagoe-Nara-kaido Road).