Tamefusa-kyo Ki (為房卿記)

Tamefusa-kyo Ki, also called 'Daiki,' 'Daigyoki' and 'Daifuki,' is a diary written by FUJIWARA no Tamefusa, who served as Kurodo (chamberlain) and Kurodo no to (head chamberlain) and was active as Okura-kyo (Minister of the Treasury) and Sangi (councilor) for Emperors Gosanjo, Shirakawa, Horikawa and Toba.

Although there are records from the diary from the year 1070 to 1114, it is likely that Tamefusa began writing it between 1065 and 1068; most of it has been scattered and lost except for volume one of his own writing, which is kept at the Faculty of Letters in Kyoto University. Only the old manuscript copies from the Kamakura period are still kept at Kyoto University, the Yomei Library and Archives and Mausolea Department of the Imperial Household Agency. Still existing are descriptions of the governments ruled by retired emperors, but descriptions that cover events of a whole year do not exist, and are intermittent. A description about a visit Tamefusa made to the Kumano-jinja Shrine in the fall of 1081 is sometimes featured as 'Tamefusa-kyo Kumano Sankei Nikki' (Kumano Temple Visit Diary of Lord Tamefusa). The diary is important historical material in understanding the politics and social circumstances of the time it was written. Parts of the diary are included in printed and published books, such as the third volume of the "Dai Nihon Shiryo" (Important Historical Records), the seventh volume of the "Rekidai Zanketsu Nikki" (Successive Partial Diary) and the reprint "Honkoku Tamefusa-kyo Ki" (the tenth volume of "Shishu" [Historical Stories]).