Tensho-tsuho Coins (天正通宝)

Tensho-tsuho are coins that were issued during the Azuchimomoyama period. This is the first coin that was minted in Japan since Kocho Junisen coins. It was first cast in 1587.

Tensho-tsuho was issued by Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI. They were used mainly as rewards to honor military officers, and there were gold coins and silver coins. According to the "Sankazui," bronze coins were cast for use as a currency but details are not known. Since the Toyotomi clan was extinguished at the Battle of Osaka, the coins were in circulation for only a short time. Other coins that Hideyoshi issued include Tensho Oban (1588) and Bunroku-suho (1592).

These coins minted by Hideyoshi were used solely as rewards or to cover military expenses, and it was only in the Edo period, with the issuance of the Kan-ei-tsuho that minting of coins for the purpose of circulation was resumed.
(Keichotsuho was minted by the Tokugawa clan in 1606 but the coins were never adequately circulated.)