The Sugimoto clan (杉本氏)

The Sugimoto clan is one of the samurai families in Japan.

The MINAMOTO no Tameyoshi line of Seiwa-Genji (Minamoto clan), Sugimoto clan

The Sugimoto clan's real family name is Genji. Their family lineage is the line of the Kawachi-Genji (Minamoto clan), one of the Seiwa-Genji, the clan of royal blood of Emperor Seiwa. The Sugimoto clan came from Tamekuni SUGIMOTO, a child born out of wedlock of MINAMOTO no Tameyoshi, the grandfather of MINAMOTO no Yoritomo. Their family crest is ivy.

The Miura clan line of Kanmu-Heishi (Taira clan), Sugimoto clan

The real family name of the Sugimoto clan is Heishi. Their family lineage is the branch family of the Miura clan, which descended from TAIRA no Yoshifumi of Heishi, the clan of royal blood of Emperor Kanmu. The family used the name Sugimoto because they originated from Yoshimune SUGIMOTO (also written as 椙本 in Chinese characters) and were based at Sugimoto-jo Castle (the present-day Sugimoto-dera Temple). From the Sugimoto clan, the Wada clan, which originated from Yoshimori WADA, Samuraidokoro Betto (an administrator of the Board of Retainers) of the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), separated, and other branch families such as the Sugiura clan, as did the Ayukawa and Hashirimizu clans.

The Sugimoto clan also separated from the family line of Yoshitsura SAHARA, the second son of Yoshizumi MIURA, who was the younger brother of Yoshimune SUGIMOTO, and inherited the head family of the Miura family, and Tokitsura YOKOSUKA, the son of Yoshitsura, had a son named Muneaki SUGIMOTO, and from this son the family remained as the Sugimoto clan.

The clan carried the name in the following line: Muneaki SUGIMOTO (Shimotsuke Province) - Tokiaki SUGIMOTO (Aki Province) - Sadatsura SUGIMOTO (Inaba Province) - Sadakiyo SUGIMOTO - Komaishimaru SUGIMOTO - Hisatsura SUGIMOTO - Tsurahide SUGIMOTO - Yoshikiyo SUGIMOTO - Yoshisada SUGIMOTO.

Additionally, the second son of Muneaki returned to the Miura name; he originated the Mimasaka Miura clan, which then flourished as a warring lord.

The Uesugi clan line of the Fujiwara clan, Sugimoto clan

The Sugimoto clan is represented in a branch family of the Uesugi clan, Echigo no Shugo (the provincial constable of Echigo Province), a branch of the Kajuji family.

The Kusunoki clan line of the Iyotachibana clan (the Ochi clan), Sugimoto clan

Moreover, the Sugimoto clan is found in the family of Masashige KUSUNOKI. The real family name is the Iyotachibana clan (family of the Ochi clan). It is said that their family lineage followed the line of TACHIBANA no Toyasu, the family of the Kono clan. According to the "Family Tree of the Wakasa Obama Sugimoto-in Temple," Toshichika KUSUNOKI, the son of Masataka KUSUNOKI, had a son named Sadataka SUGIMOTO. It is believed that Sadataka was called Uemon no jo (the third-ranked official of the Right Division of Outer Palace Guards) and was born in Sugimoto, Tanba Province and called Sugimoto-dono. The clan carried the name in the following line: Sadataka SUGIMOTO - Sadatoshi SUGIMOTO - Toshitane SUGIMOTO - Moromasa SUGIMOTO - Masatane SUGIMOTO - Tomomasa SUGIMOTO - Nobutaka SUGIMOTO - Morinaga SUGIMOTO - Yoshimi SUGIMOTO.