The Toyo Jiyuto (Oriental Liberal Party) (東洋自由党)

The Toyo Jiyuto (Oriental Liberal Party) was a political party formed by Kentaro OI, a member of the (Meiji) left wing of the Jiyuto (Liberal Party), along with Tokichi TARUI (a former member of the Toyo Shakaito [Oriental Social Party]), Kishichi KOKUBO, Shogo ARAI and other politicians on November 6, 1892.

In May, 1891, after the Imperial Diet was established, Oi, a former executive member of the Jiyuto, formed within the Jiyuto a faction called the Toyo Kurabu (Oriental Club), which upheld Asianism and ultraliberalism, however, after losing a political battle with Tosa School member Toru HOSHI, he formed the Toyo Jiyuto. However he clearly announced that he regarded the Toyo Jiyuto as a branch of the Jiyuto and that it was not a completely new party. Meanwhile, Oi lost the second general election of the members of the House of Representatives due to the Cabinet's intervention in the election (He was reelected in the third general election of the members of the House of Representatives).

As its major foreign policies, the Toyo Jiyuto declared to Asian nations that Japan would become a leader of the reform movement throughout Asia, while it declared its hard-line foreign policy toward the allied Western powers. For it's domestic policies, the party set up an Association for Promoting Universal Suffrage, the Japan Labor Association and the Research Council on Tenant Farming Ordinance, with the goal of protecting poor laborers and realizing constitutional government and universal suffrage, and also published the party newspaper titled, "New Orient."

With the treaty revision under way in earnest, however, the party distanced itself from the Liberal Party, which advocated the idea of gradual treaty revision, and because of its hard-line stance toward foreign nations, it strengthened the ties with the Kokumin Kyokai (National Association [Japan]) and burgeoning Dai Nihon Kyokai (Society for Greater Japan). In December, 1893, the Toyo Jiyuto was dissolved and its members joined the Dai Nihon Kyokai. Soon after that, however, the Dai Nihon Kyokai itself was dissolved and Oi returned to the Jiyuto. The Association for Promoting Universal Suffrage and the other organizations continued on under Oi.