Three Mountains of Yamato (大和三山)

The Three Mountains of Yamato is the generic name for the three mountains that tower high over the southern area of the Nara Basin in Nara Prefecture (former Yamato Province) and around Asuka. On July 14, 2005, it was designated as a national site of scenic beauty.

Mt. Miminashi

Mt. Unebi

Amanokaguyama hill

In the Manyoshu (Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves), the Three Mountains of Yamato are sung 'kaguyama wa unebi o oshi to miminashi to aiarasohiki shindai yori kakuni arurashi konseki mo zen ni arekoso utsusemi mo ju wo arasourashiki' (Emperor Tenchi). This is a poem telling that the (gods of the) Three Mountains of Yamato fought over love. There are two theories regarding 'unebi o oshi' of this poem: one that interprets it as 'unebi ooshi (brave unebi)' saying that the god of Mt. Unebi is a male god, and the other that interprets it as 'unebi o aishi (loving the unebi)' saying that Mt. Unebi is a goddess. There is also another theory that this poem entrusted the love battle between Naka no Oe no Oji and his brother Emperor Tenmu, over Nukata no Okimi, to the Three Mountains of Yamato.