Toa-dobunkai (Toa-dobunkai nationalism group) (東亜同文会)

Toa-dobunkai (1898-1946) was a private diplomatic group which used to be in Japan. It is noted that the Toa-dobunkai was a parent organization of Toa-Dobunshoin University which established in Shanghai. It was a predecessor of the current Kazankai.

Foundation background

The Toa-kai (Asianism group) and Dobun-kai that had been different structures joined to be founded in Akasakatameike, Tokyo in 1898.

At the farewell party for Nichinan FUKUMOTO who was going to Europe, the Toa-kai was raised by Katsunan KUGA, Setsurei MIYAKE and Shigetaka SHIGA, and then established in 1897. Its office was located in the Seikyo-sha. Apart from the coteries of Seikyo-sha, its members consisted of Ryohei UCHIDA (political activist) who found the Kokuryu-kai as well as Toten MIYAZAKI who supported the Chinese Revolution that Sun Yat-sen led to.

The Dobun-kai was formed, led by Atsumaro KONOE, the Chairman of the House of Peers, in 1898, the year following establishment of the Toa-kai. Its program is indicated below.

It studied China problem with engaging in various researches to promote many operations.

Dobun-kaikan was established in Shanghai City to promote cooperation of like-minded members in both countries.

Journals, the "Jiron" in Tokyo and the "Ato Jihou" in Shanghai were a means of communication.

The Dobungakudo in Shanghai was an educational institution for students in both countries.

Foundation of Toa-dobunkai nationalism group
Four months after foundation of the Dobunkai, the Toa-dobunkai nationalism group which was set up through the consolidation of the Dobunkai and the Toa-kai recognized the Qing dynasty based on the 'China conservation.'
In addition, as Konoe who had close ties to Kunyi LIU and Shido CHO, the Western Affair Movement bureaucracy became the chairman, the members of the Toa-kai which supported the Chinese Revolution that was led by Sun Yat-sen gradually left from the group.

Foundation of educational institutions

Toa-dobunkai established Toa-Dobunshoin University in Shanghai and Tokyo Dobunshoin in Tokyo (the former educated Japanese students living in China while the latter was a higher education institution which accepted Chinese students living in Japan).

The Toa-Dobunshoin with a 45-year history started with the first president, Hajime NEZU and was followed by Jugo SUGIURA, 大津麟平, Fumimaro KONOE, Chozo OUCHI, Shichitaro YADA and Kiichi HONMA, which means seven presidents for eight generations took the role. (Refer to Toa-Dobunshoin University for more information).

Tokyo-dobun-shoin was run by Buntaro KASHIWARA (later the third principal of Chuo University Senior High School) as a substantial person in charge and it existed from 1898 to 1918.

It also administrated Tenshin Dobun Shoin (later a Sino-Japanese School in Tianjin), Kanko Dobun Shoin (later Kokan Junior High School), Toa Engineering School (a higher education institution for Chinese students that succeeded to 'Enemy Property'), Kahoku Engineering High School (founded in 1943), and Beijin Koa School (succeeded in 1943).

the end

In November 1946 after the Second World War, the Toa-dobunkai dissolved and then in December 1950 after four years, the Toa-dobunkai as a foundation also went into liquidation. In 1948 the Kazankai was founded as the succeeding group and has existed up to now.