Tochokufu (official document to enforce the Emperors order) (騰勅符)

Tochokufu refers to a Daijokanpu (the official documents of the Daijokan, the office of the supreme political leader) to deliver and enforce the order of the Emperor. To (謄)' means to deliver a message by post horse. The copied ('謄') tochokufu that the chokushi (imperial order) is transcribed to a Daijokanpu without change is also a part of the tochokufu, and they are often mixed up.

It was formerly considered that tochokufu was created to deliver the chokushi (imperial order) to the officials staying outside of Kyoto, according to the interpretation of the Kushiki-ryo (law on state documentary forms in the Yoro Code) (Ritsuryo law). However, the recent study shows that all the orders issued by the Emperor including mikotonori (imperial decree) and Daijokanso (report to the emperor from Daijokan) were subject of study as needed, and that it was also issued to the officials staying in Kyoto.