Togakushi-ryuTogakure-ryu school (戸隠流)

Togakushi-ryu (also called Togakure-ryu) school is one of ninjutsu (ninja art) schools. The founder was Daisuke NISHINA (Daisuke TOGAKURE) who learned Shugendo (Japanese ascetic and shamanistic practice in mountainous sites) in Mt. Togakushi and served Yoshinaka KISO at the end of Heian period (there are also other theories). It is said that, after Yoshinaka KISO was killed by MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune, Daisuke NISHINA escaped to Iga Province and completed Togakushi-ryu school by incorporating Iga style ninjutsu.

It is said that thereafter Togakushi-ryu school was spread throughout Japan by ascetic Buddhist monks.