Togu-No-Fu (an official in charge of education of the Crown Prince) (東宮傅)

Togu-no-fu was a kind of educational officer that worked for the Togu (Crown Prince) as stipulated in the Ritsuryo system (a system of centralized government based on the ritsuryo code).

Togu-no-fu was a standing official that taught the Crown Prince morality and gave him guidance. Only one person at a time could become Togu-no-fu, and Togu-no-fu was often an aristocrat with an official court rank of Jushiijo (Junior Fourth Rank, Upper Grade). This Togu-no-fu position was modeled after Taishisanshi of the Tang Dynasty. Togu-no-fu was the Grand Minister at Togu's palace and was independent of Togubo (Crown Prince's quarters) members, who were in charge of the domestic economy of the palace, or Togu gakushi (Crown Prince's classics teacher); therefore, he did not have any delegation authority. Just as was the case with Togu gakushi, Togu-no-fu also did not have any subordinates or upper organization; therefore, Shikibu-sho (Ministry of the Ceremonial) assessed the service level of Togu-no-fu. From the middle of the Heian period, Togu gakushi and Togu-no-fu were collectively called Togu-shiki (the Board of the Crown Prince's Affairs) as contrasted to Togubo. Togu-no-fu was also called Kotaishi-fu (an official in charge of education of the Crown Prince).