Tokusei ikki (Tokusei uprising) (徳政一揆)

A Tokusei uprising is a type of peasant uprising. The purpose of these uprisings was for a proclamation of Tokuseirei (ordering the return of sold land and a dissolution of debts).

Tokusei uprisings frequently occurred during the Muromachi period beginning with the Shocho no doikki (peasant uprising of the Shocho era) in 1429 which took a long time to subside. A famous uprising among "Tokusei ikki" was the one that occurred during the Kakitsu era. Among the various causes behind a Tokusei ikki include poor harvests, infectious diseases, a declining population and a lack of trust in the shogun. Participants in an uprising included bashaku (shipping agents who used horses), toiya (warehouse merchants) and toimaru (specialized wholesale merchants).