Tomonomiyatsuko (the chief of various departments at the Imperial Court) (伴造)

Tomonomiyatsuko is the Gozoku (local powerful clans) who administered each group of tsukasa (offices) in the Yamato Dynasty under or sometimes together with the clans of muraji (one of ancient Japanese hereditary titles denoting rank and political standing).

Among Tomonomiyatsuko are toraijin (people from overseas, especially from China and Korea, who settled in early Japan and introduced Continental culture to the Japanese) like Hata clan, Yamatonoaya clan, and Kawachinoaya clan. And there are other clans like Yuge, Yazume, Hatori, Inukai, Tsukishine and Shitori. They called themselves with the kabane (hereditary title) of muraji, miyatsuko, atai and kimi.