Tonjutsu (遁術)

Tonjutsu is a technique of Ninjutsu to hide or escape from enemies.

It is also called Goton Sanju-ho, which consisted of thirty techniques of Tenton Ju-ho, Chiton Ju-ho, and Jinton Ju-ho in all.

Tenton Ju-ho
A way of escape making use of weather. For the effective use, ninja trains to be able to foresee the later weather from the present look of sky.

Nichiton-Making use of the sun. (e.g.) Dazzle the enemy's eyes by standing with the sun at back.

Getsuton-Making use of the moon. (e.g.) Escape in the darkness where the moon is hidden behind clouds.

Seiton-Making use of stars.

Unton-Making use of clouds.

Muton-Making use of fog. (e.g.) Advance while the field of vision is bad due to dense fog.

Raiton-Making use of thunder. (e.g.) Foresee thunder clouds and reconnoiter under cover of thunder.

Denton-Making use of electricity. (e.g.) Escape while enemies flinch from static electricity.

Futon-Making use of wind.

Uton-Making used of rain. (e.g.) Escape as soon as the field of vision becomes bad by the sudden evening shower.

Setsuton-Making use of snow. (e.g.) Escape in the snowstorm in outfit for cold weather prepared in advance.

Chiton Ju-ho
A way to escape making use of things or topography.

Mokuton-Making use of trees. (e.g.)Push down leaning lumbers.

Soton-Making use of grass. (e.g.) Trap enemy's foot with tied grass to fall dawn.

Katon-Making use of fire. (e.g.) Make a fire.

Enton-Making use of smoke. (e.g.) Make a smoky screen emerge.

Doton-Making use of earth. (e.g.) Throw earth at enemies.

Okuton-Making use of a building. (e.g.) Escape under the floor.

Kinton-Making use of hardware.

Sekiton-Making use of stone. (e.g.) Throw a stone at enemies.

Suiton-Making use of water. (e.g.) Distract enemies' attention by tapping sound of water.

Toton-Making use of boiled water. (e.g.) Throw some boiled water at enemies.

Jinton Ju-ho
A way to escape making use of human beings or animals.

Danton-Making use of a male.

Joton-Making use of a female.

Roton-Making use of an old person. (e.g.) Disguise.

Yoton-Making use of a child. (e.g.) Using a child as decoy.

Kiton-Making use of a high-ranking person.

Senton-Making use of a low-ranking person.

Kinton-Making use of a bird. (e.g.) Using a hawk as decoy.

Juton-Making use of animals
(e.g.) Having a horse rage to cause a mess.

Chuton-Making use of insects, reptiles, and amphibians. (e.g.) Throwing a snake.

Gyoton-Making use of fish.

Although some particular depiction is used for the scene where an enemy is given a damage in the fight in a lot of visual entertainments such as comics or games (such as Katon=blowing out fire from mouth), it is nothing but a technique to escape by blocking enemy's action, and it can never be an action for the purpose of attacking enemy.