Tsuge no Kuni no Miyatsuko (闘鶏国造)

Tsuge no Kuni no Miyatsuko (also called 'Tsuge Kokuzo') was a Kuni no miyatsuko (the head of a local government) who ruled the northern-east of Yamato Province. Also written as "都祁国造" or "都下国造".


Kamu Yai Mimi no Mikoto
He was the prince of Emperor Jinmu and older brother of Emperor Suizei. He abdicated the throne to his younger brother and took charge of worship for the gods of heaven and earth.


The clan was Tsuge. His surname was Atai, however, he took on irreverent behavior toward Empress Oshisaka no Onakatsu no Hime no Mikoto during the Emperor Ingyo's era, and therefore his surname was demoted to Inagi.

Home Base

Tsuge clan was located in Tsuge in Yamabe County, Yamato Province. The current location is the former Tsuge Village areas in Nara City, Nara Prefecture. However, it is also said that the original home base was Zama-jinja Shrine areas (Chuo Ward, Osaka City).

Ujigami (a guardian god or spirit of a particular place in the Shinto religion)

It was probably Tsugemikumari-jinja Shrine. The enshrined deities were Haya Akitsuhiko no mikoto, Okuni Mitama no mikoto, or Amenomikumari no Kami, Kuninomikumari no Kami.


Tsuge no Oyamanushi: He was a legendary person in the Kofun period (tumulus period). He was the Kuni no Miyatsuko in the Emperor Nintoku's era. He presented the ice from an icehouse to the Imperial Palace for the first time and after this he became the superintendent of the icehouse.

Tsuge no Mita: He was also called Inabe no Mita. He was a legendary person in the Kofun period. He was a carpenter in the Emperor Yuryaku' era. He was a master of scaffolding builder, and it is said that he ran on the roof of multistoried buildings as if he were flying.