Tsunesada-Shino-den (Biography of Tsunesada-Shino) (恒貞親王伝)

Tsunesada-Shino-den was one of the biographies in classical Chinese which was written in the early Heian period. It depicted the life of Imperial prince Tsunesada who was deposed as Crown Prince as the result of the Jowa Incident. One volume (however, some portions are missing from the top and middle parts of the remaining old manuscript and the one that was compiled in "Zoku Gunsho Ruiju").

Neither the exact age of this book nor the author is known, but it is generally believed that this book was written in the late 9th century not long after the death of the Imperial prince. There have been two opinions from long ago concerning its author, either Kiyoyuki MIYOSHI or KI no Haseo.

This book was written from the viewpoint of a person who was in favor of the Imperial prince and the following historical events etc. are seen in this book. Being a person who had an exceptional talent in keigaku (study of Keisho in Confucianism), music, history, calligraphy, and painting, he strived for the restoration of sekiten (ritual for Confucius) and achieved satisfactory results. He was formally installed as Crown Prince against his wish, but was deposed as Crown Prince as the result of the Jowa Incident. He concentrated on Buddhist practice after becoming a monk and founded Daikaku-ji Temple. After the Emperor Yozei abdicated the throne, he was asked by FUJIWARA no Mototsune to succeed, but he declined. This book is highly appreciated as historical material since its contents include some records that are not found in Rikkokushi (the Six National Histories).