Wakasa Domain (若桜藩)

The Wakasa Domain was a feudal domain owning areas around Hatto-gun, Inaba Province (Wakasa-cho, Yazu-gun, Tottori Prefecture).

The history of this domain

In 1600 the lord of the Wakasa-jo Castle, Shigekata KINOSHITA, joined the western army during the Battle of Sekigahara, and with the defeat in war he committed suicide causing the abolition of the domain.

In 1601, with the help of the Sanda Domain in the Province of Settsu, Iemori YAMAZAKI founded a domain with 30,000 koku. Second generation Ieharu YAMAZAKI relocated to Nariwa Domain, Bicchu Province in 1617. Later, this was owned by the Tottori Domain.

In 1700, a domain with the same name as Wakasa was founded as a branch domain of the Tottori Domain. From this point on, refer to the article of the Tottori Domain.

Successive lords of the domain

Yamazaki family
Tozama daimyo (nonhereditary feudal lord) with 30,000 koku (1601 - 1617)
Iemori YAMAZAKI (Jugoinoge [Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade]), samanojo [third officer of the Horse Office of the Left])
Ieharu YAMAZAKI (Jugoinoge, Kai no kami [the governor of Kai Province])