Yasu no kuninomiyatsuko (安国造)

Yasu no kuninomiyatsuko (Yasu kokuzo) was the Kuninomiyatsuko (kokuzo: the head of a local government) who governed the eastern part of Omi Province (the east coast of Lake Biwa). It is also called Omi no Yasu no kuninomiyatsuko (Omi no Yasu kokuzo) or Chikatsuomi no Yasu no kuninomiyatsuko (Chikatsuomi no Yasu kokuzo).


According to "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters), the earliest ancestor was Mizuhonomawaka no Miko, a son of Hikoimasu no Miko (a prince of Emperor Kaika), and it was related to Omi no kuninomiyatsuko (Omi kokuzo).


The clan was the Yasu clan. The kabane (hereditary title) of the clan was atai (atae: a kind of kabene, given to local governors).


It was in Yasu County, Omi Province. Yasu County is now part of Yasu City, Shiga Prefecture. It is said to have later been under control of Omi no kuninomiyatsuko (Omi kokuzo).

Ujigami (a guardian god of a clan)

It is in Takebe Shrine in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. The enshrined deity is YAMATO Takeru no Mikoto (.a prince of Emperor Keiko, a hero in ancient Japan). The shrine is the Ichinomiya (shrine with the highest ranking in the area) of Omi Province.


One of the descendants was Otamuyawake, Omi no kuninomiyatsuko. He was the earliest ancestor of Yasu no kuninomiyatsuko. He was the third descendant of Hikoimasu no Miko. His daughter, Futajinoirihime married YAMATO Takeru no Mikoto and had Inayoriwake no Miko.

One of the descendants was INUGAMI no Mitasuki (INUKAMI no Mitasuki), a diplomat in the Asuka Period. He was a Japanese envoy to Sui Dynasty China. He was the first Japanese envoy to Tang Dynasty China.