Yushi Sensei (Despotism by Domain-dominated Government) (有司専制)

Yushi Sensei is a term criticizing the Meiji government for their domain cliques and transcendentalism.

In 1874 Taisuke ITAGAKI and Shojiro GOTO submitted "the Petition for Establishment of Minsen Giin (An Elected Assembly)" to the government.
The term derives from the following passage in the petition: 'As we observe how the present government fares, it resides neither in the emperor above nor in the people below, but it solely belongs to 'Yushi.'
'Yushi' refers to governmental officials. The state of affair was such that only the bureaucrats got together to determine national policies without resort to parliamentary government. It severely criticized contradiction to the spirit of "The Charter Oath of Five Articles" which emphasized 'open discussion' by the public. Later the term was used as a slogan for criticizing the government and requesting the establishment of a parliament in the Jiyu Minken Undo (Movement for Liberty and People's Rights).