Yuteihisho (遊庭秘抄)

Yuteihisho is a book of kemari (Japanese ancient Imperial court game like kick-ball) of Mikohidari school that was written during the Northern and Southern Courts period (Japan).

The book consists of two volumes (a book owned by the National Diet Library, a book owned by Tenri Central Library, etc.) and a book consisting of three volumes (a book owned by the Cabinet Library, "Gunshoruiju" (collection of ancient books, etc.) are in existence. Both types of books consists of thirty chapters and the latter is believed to be the revised version.
There are two different views concerning the author of the book, either Tamesada NIJO ("Gunshoruiju"etc.) or Tametada NIJO (a book owned by the Cabinet Library, "Sandaihisho" owned by Reizeike Shiguretei Bunko etc.)

It is the only book dealing with kemari of Mikohidari school, which was later known solely for the art of waka poetry after kemari declined. In this book, the author explained Kemari's history, rules and technique as well as the ancient courtly traditions and etiquette concerning the ceremony and clothing of kemari.